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End Neighborhood Drilling

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Hidden in Plain Sight

The Murphy Drill Site is located in a densely populated urban area, surrounded by residential homes, schools, healthcare facilities, and a senior living community. In 1958, the Catholic Archdiocese of LA leased the land to Union Oil Co. of CA for oil and gas extraction. Today, the site is operated by E&B Natural Resources and holds 32 wells. 

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Since the land was leased for oil production, different operators have taken over the site. Across the decades of operation, at least 109 notices of violation and notices to comply have been issued by regulatory agencies and documented by community members.


Neighbors often report smelling noxious fumes and ongoing noise from operations. The site houses thousands of gallons of toxic, corrosive chemicals that harm respiratory health, increase the risk of cancer, and are known endocrine disruptors.

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Community Action

In 2015, RCP and Holman United Methodist Church mobilized children, youth, and families to march against the site's operations, declaring communities of color could no longer be the canary in the coal mine for Big Oil. 

In the spring of 2021, RCP and legal partners, EarthJustice, filed a lawsuit against the LA Fire Department for failing to properly plug idle wells at the drill site. Regulators were called to respond to community complaints and for lacking accountability in enforcing protective measures. 

In the summer of 2021, RCP submitted a letter to the Office of Zoning Administration prompting a plan approval process to conduct a full review of E&B Natural Resources' operating conditions and compliance, with a public hearing scheduled for April 28, 2022.


And, in the winter of 2022, residents peacefully demonstrated in a pop up protest when operators revealed an acid job will be taking place, giving little notice for neighbors to move out of harm's way. 

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Let's Work Together to END Neighborhood Drilling!


On Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 10AM, the City will hold a public hearing to review E&B's compliance with its operating conditions, as well as the sufficiency of those conditions to protect community health and safety. This is our opportunity to win protections given to wealthier, whiter, West LA drill sites decades ago. We are asking the City to modernize the site by: 

1. Enclosing the facility

2. Requiring electric workover rigs instead of diesel

3. Prohibiting the burning of methane gas on-site

To learn more about the hearing or how to share a public comment, you can visit the City's notification of public hearing and agenda.

Additional Resources


Health Risks Brochure

Public education brochure on the types of violations documented at the Murphy Site, and how they may impact your family's health.

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Academic Studies

New research published in Spring 2021 highlights the short and long term respiratory health impacts of living near two urban oil drilling sites in South LA, including the Murphy Drill Site. The study found a decrease in lung capacity for residents living in closer proximity.

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Overview of all citations documented since 2021, including equipment degassing near K12 schools, worker safety violations, and operators leaving the drill site unattended.

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Press Coverage

News & Publications

Links and copies of press coverage (news articles, news footage, magazine articles) of our work throughout the years on this important issue!

Many thanks to our funders who make this work possible.

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